Carmelo Garcia’s paid aide goes on racial rant at HHA meeting twice as he sits idly by

Assembly aide to Carmelo Garcia rabble rouses at HHA meeting with racial remarks twice!
Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia sits by as his paid employee goes unchecked and calls Councilman Dave Mello racist
Councilman Dave Mello loudly protests anti-Semitism voiced at meeting
At the last Hoboken Housing Authority meeting in April, HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia’s aide Patricia Waiters who is paid $10,000 by NJ taxpayers under his Assembly budget went on a racial screed unchecked, twice during the meeting.
Councilman Dave Mello’s attempts to interject to no avail as Chairman Rob Davis and Carmelo Garcia sit by.
Three times during the meeting, Garcia aide Patricia Waiters takes the floor. The first was not captured in its entirety as Waiters who holds no official role in the federal meeting orders a “five-minute” break in the meeting (Page 133) to address the audience. 
The transcription restarts again and captures Waiters in her first extended remarks during the public portion. Later she will take the floor when Fox Hills resident Carmen Vega gives her the floor a second time during public portion.
HHA Executive Director and his employee, Assembly aide Patricia Waiters at the last HHA meeting.
She called Councilman Dave Mello racist, accused Mayor Zimmer of hiring only people who are Jewish.
She would later at the same meeting say “get ready for tactic number two.”
Carmelo Garcia sat by saying nothing to discourage his employee through it all.
Among the highlights from the transcript:
Section 33:
Garcia Assembly aide Patricia Waiters yells at HHA commissioner Dana Wefer “You’re out of order!” 
Section 133
Patricia Waiters: “I’m going to give it five minutes so you can all take a recess…”
Chair Rob Davis: “You can’t. We can’t have this.”
Meeting Secretary Garcia: “You have four members of the Board”
(MSV interjected during its filming objecting to the “politicking,” directly to Carmelo Garcia and Rob Davis which is captured in the transcript. Transcription ended temporarily and the next remark, “Mr. Chairman control your meeting,” was not and saw Davis order MSV out of the meeting.)
Section 134:
Waiters: “…this have a bunch of racist issues in here, okay, and this is pertaining to your supporters.” (Reference to Mayor Zimmer?)
Section 135:
Waiters: “I am not going to fill out no documents whether I wear a wire or not.”
(Reference to Carmelo Garcia asked to sign he isn’t surreptitiously recording a meeting at City Hall.)
Section 136: 
Waiters “I went and applied for your chair and your chair.” (To commissioners Sanford and Wefer) “You know why they didn’t pick me? I am not white enough.”
Waiters: “–and I’m going to do the right thing, okay — but I’m going to do the right thing, not the white thing. I want you to know it…”
Waiters: “.. you got a personal vendetta (to Dave Mello).”
Section 137:
Waiters: “You are out to get him.” (Her employer Carmelo Garcia.) 
Section 138:
Waiters: “It is disgusting that both of you came aboard with a dirty motive, and we are not letting it happen.” (Comment directed to HHA commissioners Sanford and Wefer.)
Waiters: “They got three new people to take those seats, Jewish, of course, okay, and those not race baited because they pulled you all from Morris County.” 
Section 139:
Waiters: “… she lost three elections and now you came here.” (To commissioner Wefer.)
Dave Mello: “Show us some respect.”
Waiters: “I don’t have to respect you, because you are not respecting us.”
Mello: “I don’t appreciate anti-Semitism.”
Waiters: “… I don’t care.”
Section 140:
Waiters: “I’m showing facts… Why was I denied?”  (Reference to not being voted by the City Council to an HHA seat.)
Mello: “an employee (of) an Assemblyman of the State of New Jersey (Carmelo Garcia) should not be making in public anti-Semitic comments…”
Waiters: “Do the work. Do your facts. Go check and everybody is going through the contract, and tell me if everybody she hires is not Jewish.”
HHA audience: “That’s right.”
Section 141:
Waiters: “Yes or no? Yes or no?”
Mello: “I resent your anti-Semitic comments–“
Waiters: “– stop it already because—“
(Reporter lost section of Waiters remarks according to transcript.)
Waiters: “I don’t care what you think, David. I’m telling you what it is. You are very racist.”
Section 142:
Waiters: “… we being denied, because we are not good enough. We are not white enough.”
Waiters: “For Housing Authority residents, this is disgusting.” (Reference: Waiters lives in uptown Hoboken in an Applied Housing building.)
– . –
Later in public portion, Waiters would be again given time. Previously, she had told MSV she never supported Vision 20/20. But now…
Section: 185
Waiters: “I just want to touch base for Ms. Vega real quick on the 20/20 plan…. again Mayor Zimmer is in control.”
Section 187
Waiters: “… I am African-American, and I took offense to this. You can call it what you want. Racist, anti-semitic, whatever you want to call it, it’s racial. It is racial. Dawn’s actions speak louder than her words. Since Dawn’s mayorship, we have a real estate place on every corner. What is his name? Weitzman, Heller, Einstein, every corner okay?”
Section 189
Waiters: “–I am going  — I’m defending Carmelo because of what? There ain’t no place big enough for Carmelo to hang on my — I am going to still defend him, because I do what is right. Now this 20/20 and this money, okay, they are trying to play a scare tactic with you…. I need a Letter of Need, and if we got to march, we will do that, because we already know your motive, and all of her friends on the Zoning Board and Planning Board is not going to give you no letter, okay? So we all have to get ready for tactic number two.”
Section 190
(Applause – audience yelling and screaming, and this portion could not be stenographically recorded.)
The Audience: “Justice Pat.”
(Audience yelling and screaming, and this portion could not be stenographically recorded.)

Talking Ed Note: Many other Carmelitos would speak with pro Old Guard Vision 20/20 advocate and Ruben Ramos backer David Liebler joining in and criticizing MSV for reporting on Vision 20/20 and its original proposal of more than doubling the expansion of the HHA in downtown Hoboken. There is no Master Plan available to the public and Liebler says a claim for a smaller footprint is the real plan and reference to the written size of more than double is “B.S.”

HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez would comment later his potential re-appointment was up and asked the audience to support him at the City Council this Wednesday night.

HHA commissioner James Sanford spoke near the end noting he is of mixed race indirectly addressing Patricia Waiters who accused him of being Jewish.

Carmelo Garcia reportedly claims he was in the bathroom (in the hearing room) and didn’t hear Waiters remarks. Both times?

Your tax dollars at work Hoboken. Compare and contrast this with the Hudson Reporter story.

A meeting is being called tonight for HHA residents to “Unite, Organize and Mobilize.”

Who will HHA residents be called upon to mobilize for?
Could it be their landlord?

An updated HHA version episode of “Viva Applied?”

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