Carmelo Garcia on resident lawsuit: ‘Let the courts decide’

Assemblyman candidate Carmelo Garcia, believed a shoe-in for the June 4th Democratic primary for the 33rd Assembly seat responded to the legal filing challenging his candidacy yesterday in an exclusive interview with MSV.
“Let the courts decide it,” Garcia said matter of fact.  Acknowledging an interest in the Hoboken residents who filed the complaint, he said, “If they would have asked me, I would have given them the legal opinion that I already secured.”
With the Democratic primary set for June 4th, the election case is sure to receive quick scrutiny in court.  Garcia concluded by saying,  “I’m confident at the end of the day my lawyers and the judge will figure it out.”
Concluding the discussion before the HHA meeting last night, Garcia expressed confidence he would be the 33rd Assemblyman after the November general election.

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