Carmelo Garcia’s ethnic cleansing suit goes awry

According to an Earwitness Report on Grafix Avenger, recent legal mediation discussions saw Carmelo Garcia increase his money demands to see his years long ethnic cleansing lawsuit go away.

The astronomical figure bandied about, $2,000,000, is the same figure Lane Bajardi and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi expected from each of a dozen defendants in their SLAPP-suit.

Is this civil suit headed in the same wrong direction?

Garcia, the one time controverisal head of the Hoboken Housing Authority reportedly sought to extract seven figures from the battered agency recovering under new management from the financial disaster he left in his wake when his contract was cut short in 2014.

Star Trek’s Doomsday Machine is sucking Carmelo Garcia into
its ethnic cleansing vortex. Hopefully no harm comes to his bag of loot.
The HHA and City of Hoboken however isn’t turning the cash over.
Hoboken’s infamous Ethic Cleanser will have to go fill the bag elsewhere. 

All told, Garcia reportedly asked for $1.2 million from both the HHA and another $1.2 from the City of Hoboken before the door was slammed shut on his fingers.

With the Feds in town again, perhaps Mister Carmelo really needs the money – for a defense lawyer.
His “brother” Chris Campos landed a former US Attorney for his defense in a bank and wire fraud car scheme involving 200 vehicles. That quality level defense doesn’t run cheap.

Is there an inclusive rate for massive ELEC filing violations? Both Campos and Garcia have problems on that front too but the former has some strange oddities uncovered on Grafix Avenger yesterday.

Related: The corruption bomb fell in Hoboken earlier this month but as is so often the case, it’s a family affair. 

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