Carmelo Garcia, the Ethic Cleanser in trouble again

Carmelo Garcia receives statewide attention for misuse of Assembly mailings using envelopes of a southern NJ Assemblyman

Controversy and an ethical quagmire are never far it appears when Carmelo Garcia’s public “service” is involved.

In the latest story involving alleged misuse of public dollars and possible mail fraud, Grafix Avenger broke a story of a Garcia mailer apparently going out to a limited part of the 33rd Assembly district – the sixth ward.

Garcia is running for a Hoboken sixth ward City Council seat against Councilwoman Jen Giattino. A limited mailing to only sixth ward residents would demonstrate misuse of public monies and the office of Assembly.

Carmelo Garcia is himself a lame duck Assemblyman will be replaced in the November 3rd elections.

Carmelo Garcia’s attempted sneak attack: “Why are you antagonizing me?”
See video, “The Fracas” below.

The suspect mailer is on Garcia’s Assemblyman letterhead but was inside an unknown number of taxpayer paid envelopes of a southern NJ Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi.

Garcia, the notorious ethic cleanser infamous for a long list of tawdry and illicit activities has gotten himself into yet another ethical if not outright political, illegal scandal. Fiocchi’s Assembly office has denied knowledge how its envelopes were obtained and Garcia through third parties claims it was a small error pointing the finger elsewhere, an Ethic Cleanser specialty.

The taxpayer paid mailer controversy has made statewide news in both PolitickerNJ and’s Political Insider Augie Torres who writes:

Politico NJ was the first to pick up the Grafix Avenger story of Carmelo Garcia’s suspect usage of public monies, the latest in a long line of controversial and suspect actions.

MSV nor other Hoboken residents and those part of the 33rd Assembly district in Jersey City Heights received Carmelo Garcia’s 33rd Assembly mailer leading many to believe it was a political self-serving abuse of taxpayer funds.

Carmelo G. Garcia, (c) finds himself in yet another of a long list of controversies and suspected nefarious actions against taxpayers, ethics and a possible smidgen of mail fraud. Here he is back in happier days with current council slate running mate Ruben Ramos. Garcia and his allies have remained silent on how a south NJ Assemblyman’s envelopes were used in a mailing only received by sixth ward residents. Garcia has never been shy about self-promotion and abusing the system for personal gain. See also: The Wire

Carmelo Garcia received better media coverage when his contract was terminated at the Hoboken Housing Authority last year. He was featured in the infamous mob-induced video “The Fracas” where he was caught on video sneaking up behind MSV for some unstated nefarious purpose and when busted complained he was being victimized asking “Why are you coming here antagonizing me?”

MSV was robbed of equipment and wallet which lay a mere several feet away in a pile with other reporters’ gear. The mob swipped it when Da Horsey saw the mob mobilizing from one victim to this horse and leaped over the City Council dais to prevent their next action.

Carmelo Garcia did not like this and wanted MSV back in “the pit” where the mob could generate an assault (or worse) as several of Garcia’s Old Guard council colleagues: Terry Castellano, Michael Russo and Beth Mason stood by silently watching the escalation and hoping for the worst.

Put this far down on the list of nefarious action against our public institutions, the taxpayers and Viva Jessica Coco!

Hat tip: Grafix Avenger scores another direct hit to the heart of the Hoboken Sopranos and dubbed this latest Carmelo Garcia scandal “Ghandi gate.”

Related: More on only the recent years ethical and legal quagmire courtesy of Carmelo G. Garcia:

The contrast could not be any larger in this November 3rd election with a humble public servant working for Hoboken in Jen Giattino.

Hoboken, on November 3rd, spread the word and get out the vote!

The Carmelo Ticket and Russo faction allies: Peter “Monarch Man” Biancamano, Eduardo Gonzalez, Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo and Carmelo G. Garcia.

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