Carmelo Garcia denies “ALL” incidents reported by HHA resident Jessica Coco


MSV evidence counters Carmelo Garcia’s complete denial of Jessica Coco’s account 

Public comments of intimidation, harassment, numerous crimes including death threats by a HHA resident received notice in the weekend paper with the Hudson Reporter calling the detailed account given last Wednesday night in the City Council meeting by HHA resident Jessica Coco “disturbing.”

The alleged series of criminal actions against Coco are due to what she said began with “suspicion” she was against HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20 plan.  To date, the plan consists of a regurgitation out of a three year old colored brochure specifying one option to more than double the size of the HHA downtown campus.

Among the items the paper reported Coco had recounted her apartment and car being broken into and her internet privacy “compromised” and death threats she said were “under review.”

According to the paper, HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia denied “all” the incidents in a Thursday email. Coco’s complete remarks last Wednesday are featured in the video below.

In a phone interview Sunday, Jessica Coco reported an escalating series of harassment, intimidation, vandalism, break-ins, burglaries and death threats going back to June.  Among them she alleges:

  • a death threat in-person by an African American man in early September who approached her outside her building who told her “You’re dead bitch. Bloods rule!” 
  • a separate death threat after her computer and internet were compromised and all her internet and email accounts were taken over in September.
  • a break in and burglary of her home reported to the Hoboken Police Department  on August 8th for incidents on August 6th.
  • threats made by phone and in-person by Arlette Braxton.  The Braxton name in the HHA is one prominently appearing in numerous ELEC reports on behalf of the campaigns elections for Timmy Occhipinti and Carmelo Garcia. Reported but no court date set.
  • a series of vandalism incidents to her car in the HHA parking lot beginning in June
  • she was invited under false pretenses to the Hoboken Police Department on the burglary and break-in to her apartment by Officers Collins and DePalma but is interrogated she turn over names of dissident HHA tenants and Facebook administrator for an anti-Vision 20/20 page.
  • other break-ins and attempts into her apartment including one where two men in suits were seen trying to enter while she was at work and unlocked the lower lock but did not gain entrance.
  • On September 13th, Carmelo Garcia demands to speak to her in the HHA office on Harrison Street and tells her she will be held liable for the comments left by a hacker on a Facebook account.

Garcia’s blanket denials mirrors similar in the City Council which came seconds after Coco’s remarks by HHA tenant representative and Vision 20/20 proponent Debra Morrissette.

Morrissette who lives in uptown Hoboken not anywhere in the proximity of Coco declared none of the alleged crimes occurred and “Jessica Coco lives in a fantasyland.” Carmelo Garcia just as in Morrissette’s instantaneous rejection calls all Coco’s account false.  (Video to follow.)

But Grafix Avenger who wrote on MSV last week rebuked Morrissette’s personal attacks and stated there was digital evidence of her internet and email accounts being hacked.

MSV can confirm it holds actual documented digital evidence of the hacking proving Jessica Coco correct in those allegations.  All of Coco’s internet services including her email accounts were compromised.

In addition MSV will also confirm as part of the hijacking of Coco’s internet and computer, several emails with Jessica Coco were forwarded by the hacker to the Hudson Reporter. The paper was notified of the crimes and advised of law enforcement agencies brought into the case.

Among the crimes HHA Jessica Coco says began in June against her are separate death threats.  MSV confirms some of the details in those allegations for the first time after Carmelo Garcia went on the record saying ALL of Coco’s account is “false.”

Talking Ed Note:  Based on analyzed evidence, the means by which digital communications was compromised is likely a software program inserted into Coco’s computer during one or more break-ins into her apartment.

Grafix Avenger noted correctly in MSV comments there’s digital evidence of hacking to Jessica Coco’s computer. GA was in contact with Debra Morrissette back in early September she had communicated this directly to Morrissette who responded, “thanks For the info.”

HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia has been consistent in response to Jessica Coco’s account.  He denies it while not showing any interest whatsoever in the reported incidents to himself, the HHA and law enforcement.

Has Carmelo Garcia performed any investigation or review seeking to obtain any factual evidence on what’s been detailed in Jessica Coco’s accounts over months?  

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