Carmelo Garcia attacks MSV to start HHA meeting

Da Horsey isn’t the most popular animal with the Old Guard.  Sometimes one forgets how problematic the disinfectant is akin to garlic hung around a vampire’s neck.  At the HHA meeting, the garlic was an MSV camera filming the proceedings.

After completing the roll call, Executive Director Carmelo Garcia launched right into an attack on both the filming of the meeting and the content of MSV which he called a distraction and a distortion.

Garcia claimed Da Horsey’s camera parked next to a pillar on the left side of the room was problematic for him to speak to his staff sitting at a table far further to the left and easily out of the line of sight.

It was a ruse and a poor one.  Garcia began the meeting with a full three minute attack on MSV.
Here now is the complete unedited video with some special annotations added, courtesy of Da Horsey.

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