Carmelo Garcia and the carnival barker’s

circus is officially in town.

Delusions. Delusions of the past, delusions of the present and grand delusions of the future wrapped in a cynical backdrop of federal subpoenas in the Hoboken Housing Authority are the echoes in the background to a launch for sixth ward City Council.

Yesterday was the official kickoff to Carmelo Garcia’s ethnic cleansing lawsuit against Hoboken
bid to represent (and be employed again) by the Hoboken residents and taxpayers he’s suing in a thrice attempted lawsuit after seeing his contract terminated in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Garcia’s lawsuit was already thrown out of court, amended, (mostly) thrown out of court again with the remnants a festering sore costing Hoboken taxpayers $150,000 to date.

The cost to date for the Hoboken Housing Authority is currently unknown but the embattled agency is coping with the aftermath of his “leadership” and “problem solving.”

Ruben Ramos (l) an unannounced candidate for Hoboken’s fourth ward
council seat and Michael Russo (r), the current Third Ward Councilman
attended the outdoor official kickoff of Carmelo Garcia in Church Square
Park yesterday. 

The Garcia record in recent years is covered at length in MSV’s story last month on the Carmelo “The Wire” Garcia show.

An audit of the agency under Garcia (not reported anywhere but MSV) offered a lengthy list of troubling problems.

Talking Ed Note: Mandatory reading for the sane residents of the sixth ward. Buzzwords “accountability” and “transparency” are ludicrous in even any cursory examination of Garcia’s record in the HHA. This is the same former contracted HHA ED who flat out refused to provide even a copy of his contract to the board overseeing his work.

Warning: the following video may be challenging to your perceptions of reality and cause nausea, dizziness and the sensation of a hand reaching into your pocket taking your wallet.

Look out Hoboken, the carnival barker’s in town.

Hudson County View’s John Heinis filed this report.

photo courtesy The Hudson County View.

Related: Ruben Ramos the 2013 mayoral candidate slated to run for fourth ward council says a lot about Carmelo Garcia and his “can do” attitude and lists other reasons for his candidacy including changing up the parking on lower Jackson St. at Observer to aid traffic congestion.

For that full video interview courtesy of Hudson County View see the link:

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