Campos crackdown, the Feds and the secret they don’t want you to know about the Ravi-Russo Alliance

Last week, the imprisoned former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos received more bad news. The state agency overseeing campaigns, NJ ELEC, hit him with campaign fines for $22,000.

When they chose to do it is what’s striking. Campos is in federal prison in Pennsylvania for his role in a $7 million illicit car loan scheme. The campaign violations stem back more than a decade to 2007.

Guess who remains in violation to this day and is a BFF of Campos? That would be one Carmelo Garcia. Last seen, Garcia, he of the ethnic cleansing lawsuits and deceased attorney never filed any campaign report on his 2015 sixth ward council race. Zero, zip, nada, nunca. How does Mister Carmelo continue to not only get away with it but profit?

Chris Campos, former Hoboken City councilman currently incarcerated in a federal penitentiary received bad news with
the report NJ ELEC hit him with $22,000 in fines stemming from violations in his 2007 council campaign.

That’s a far more complex and detailed story for a federal informant day. Not today.

More on all this with the heat being felt in the Mile Square City as the Feds tighten their grip on Hoboken election fraud and related less than legal enterprises.

No one is to whisper let alone discuss any of this or the New Year’s Day gift Ravi Bhalla handed the Russo Clan when former mayor and felon Anthony Russo was welcomed back into the mayor’ office as the first order of business.

Ravi Bhalla and Michael Russo, they understand each other. They understand government bidness. It’s why the Ravi-Russo Alliance continues to prosper and remain a threat to Hoboken and the remnant of good government leaders in Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.

The Armageddon of Hoboken past, present, and future corruption lie ahead as all the pieces are in place for a full-out war heading to the November ward elections.

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