Campaigns crank into high gear

The Ruben Ramos for mayor campaign announces:

I will never give up

Dear Friend, 

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I could have given up and quit right there. But I didn’t — I fought back hard and with the help of family and friends, I beat cancer. I will bring that same determination to solving Hoboken’s problems as your next Mayor. 
Watch this video to hear more about my story and my vision for a better Hoboken:



I love Hoboken. I was born and raised here and now my wife and I are raising our children right here. I have friends in every community in this city, and I can’t just sit back and watch it stand still. We need to fix the problems that confront our city like reducing flooding, creating more parking and building parks. Our public schools must be improved with modern facilities, and we need to work with the Board of Education to get the job done. 
Hoboken needs a new direction with real solutions and a better vision. My team and I have that vision and we are ready to get our city back on track. 
I want to be your Mayor because Hoboken needs a real vision for a better future. Thank you.


The re-elect Mayor Dawn Zimmer campaign announces:

Zimmer Team Builds Momentum 

Hoboken, New Jersey—Hoboken’s Mayor Dawn Zimmer with her Leading Hoboken Forward Council Team of Councilman David Mello, Councilman Ravi Bhalla and James Doyle greeted over 100 supporters at a Monday night fundraiser together with special guests, and longtime Hoboken residents Abby and Eli Manning.

Mayor Zimmer discussed many issues critical to Hoboken residents, including the fight to protect our Waterfront from development such as the proposed Monarch project, and stressed the importance of electing her full team so that they could continue the hard work of leading Hoboken forward.

Mayor Zimmer said; “We were able to accomplish so much over the last four years, such as lowering taxes, saving our hospital, buying land for new parks and so much more – because I had a great team working with me.  And I will need our team working with me to continue leading our City forward.   We can stop the Monarch project and win the fight for balanced development but only with a team willing to take on the special interests and do what’s necessary to make that happen.”

With a month to go the Zimmer Team’s next event will be this Saturday October 5th at 12pm, where the Mayor and the council slate will be leading a grassroots volunteer canvass and phone bank.



The Raia-Mason slate – no announcement, currently busy with other campaign activities.

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