Campaign mud or illumination?

There’s a wave of Councilwoman Beth Mason’s campaign literature arriving in people’s homes this week.  There’s been some discussion on whether this actually helps voters understand the issues facing Hoboken or if they are solely negative.  We’ve heard some opinions on the matter and we’ll be revisiting it later.  Here’s two, one recent and one from earlier this year.  How similar or dissimilar are they?


What’s interesting about these flyers is each set look as if they came right out of the same print shop.  Notice the lettering and the color red and how similar they are almost right down to the type size.  The ones pictured on top are the new ones from Beth Mason’s campaign and the lower ones were the smear flyers from the spring.
At that time, Cammarano’s staff denied they were responsible for the flyers and claimed they originated from the Beth Mason campaign.  Several weeks back we reported on the Hoboken Now story where the respective Political Actions Committees had confessed they were working on behalf of Cammarano for Mayor.  And who was the spokesman for that campaign?  Why the same person who is now the spokesman for Beth Mason’s campaign: Paul Swibinski.  Perhaps Richard Mason, listed as Treasurer for the campaign will comment since he’s not buried up to his eyeballs in the print shop.
So the question now is, will Paul Swibinski be launching a denial on being the orchestrator for the last round of these flyers in the spring or will he also deny being responsible for these flyers sent out by Beth Mason’s campaign now?
Some people displeased by the postal assault have suggested mailing the flyers to Beth Mason’s home to show their displeasure.  We however differ and suggest they be sent to the Beth Mason campaign headquarters c/o Paul Swibinski.

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