Cammarano – Guilty of Extortion and Conspiracy

Claire Moses at reported on the scene of the Cammarano appearance in Federal Court today.  Sentencing for his crimes pleading guilty to extortion and conspiracy will likely fall somewhere between 24 and 30 months according to a recommendation from US Attorney Paul Fishman’s office.

Sentencing will be in August. Here’s a video of how it went down last summer at the City Hall protest. Even passing rainstorms didn’t temper the crowds.

Today is election day for the Board of Education in Hoboken.  The sun is looking brighter already.  Word on the street is Peter Cammarano had earlier voted by absentee ballot.  We’re waiting to see if an unhinged BoE member will claim to have received an endorsement.

You won’t believe what’s occurred over on Hoboken Revolt.  The wheels have fallen off and even little old ladies aren’t safe on election day.  This may take the cake of worst election stunt ever seen in town.  But this one is absolutely ghastly.


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