Business intimidation? Beth Mason says to local wine shop – hand my ‘gifts’ out

In these tough economic times, shelf space for any business is more critical than ever.  Beth Mason brought a bunch of these plants pictured above promoting herself to the uptown Sparrow Wine location telling them to give them to its customers.

Why would a politician even ask a private business to host and hand out their ‘gifts’ to residents?  Is that the equivalent to having city workers ‘donate’ to your campaign or what the ever shrinking cadre of Beth Mason cultists called “voter intimidation” when Operation Bounty announced a reward for reporting voter fraud leading to a conviction?

The best one can say about such thinking here is it’s certainly inappropriate for a council member to go to a local business and have them use their retail space to promote themselves having her plants all over their shop and telling them to hand them out to its customers.

Would those Mason cult of personality adherents call this: “business intimidation?”

Sparrow Wine uptown resides in the 2nd ward, the same ward Councilwoman Beth Mason seeks to represent with re-election.

That’s some chutzpah and it’s not even the turn of the year leading into the 2011 election.

Legit use of another’s business space?

Talking Ed Note: The Hoboken Journal has a part two to this story with similar plants being issued by Councilman Mike Russo.

Did Beth Mason buy Sparrow Wine?  If so, then this is certainly appropriate, but if not, it’s beyond inappropriate.  One could say it’s transparently unethical.

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