Brinkman vs. Zimmer yet again?

A reader who lives in the same neighborhood of the Forsman residence dropped an email wondering about another aspect of the Hoboken411 letter (see below) leading into the election.  They noted back in November there were Nathan Brinkman signs in the Forsman’s windows for the mayoral election.

Since John Forsman’s wife Gwyneth indicated in the Hoboken411 letter she had been a supporter of Mayor Zimmer several times up to and including the mayoral race last November, the reader found this to be somewhat at odds thinking no spouse would have their windows covered for a long stretch of time if they too didn’t support the cause.  

With time running out, MSV debated the value in noting this directly and suggested maybe a comment by the reader might generate some confirmation one way or the other from others.  As the weekend is here and in the interest of time and prominence, Da Horsey decided to make the editorial call and note it in a post rather than an update.

It’s a curious sidebar to the final homestretch of the race.  MSV is awaiting the other Hobo411 shoe to drop.  Having exposed this transparent attempt, there must be another in the works.

So who really was that doggie in the window?


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