Brian Stack insurrection faces HudCo defeat in County Democratic Chair war

HudCo civil war escalates as upstart HudCo Dem Chair challenger Amy DeGise rattles Brian Stack

The HudCo insurrection to grab the county prize is looking less than favorable for HudCo political powerhouse State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack.

Stack’s civil war insurrection joined by mayors Steve Fulop and Ravi Bhalla vying to take control of the political levers of Hudson County Democratic Chair in next month’s election is a prequel to snatching the County Executive position outright next year.

State Senator Brian Stack who also is mayor of Union City appeared in Hoboken back in 2012 in this vintage shot
after Hurricane Sandy. He’s not happy with his fellow HudCo civil war insurrectionists: Hudco allies Mayor Steve Fulop of Jersey City and Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

MSV can report those committee vote collection efforts for Stack around the county and in the Mile Square City by Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla are fizzling, leading many observers to believe there’s an upset in the making with upstart candidate Amy DeGise, the daughter of the 18 years long HudCo County Executive Tom DeGise.

Hoboken, already raked with regular double-digit county tax increases courtesy of the massive spending and patronage appetite of HudCo Democrat Progressive rule is likely to come out a big loser, courtesy of its politically ambitious mayor.

“Stack is flipping out and screaming at Fulop about the (Jersey City committee) count and Ravi Bhalla is hiding not taking his calls,” one HudCo insider relayed.

Bhalla who saw a political path out of Hoboken through Senator Stack via an Assembly seat currently held by Annette Chaparro may see that door slammed if Amy DeGise pulls off the upset victory.

The inside word among HudCo is Ravi Bhalla promised to deliver Stack 60 of almost 80 Hoboken Democratic Committee votes. Based on unofficial headcounts, it doesn’t look like he’ll deliver anything close. Panicked calls around Hoboken are taking place right down to the committee district level in the third ward.

“If Stack goes down in flames, Ravi can forget any hope of being handed the (Stack) Assembly seat next year,” another HudCo source said.

“Stack expected Ravi and Fulop to deliver and neither appears to be making good on those needed committee votes,” another HudCo insider relayed.

“If he loses, Brian will be looking to rip people’s lungs out. Fulop and Ravi will be high on the list. Flip a coin who gets it first,” they added.

Another longtime HudCo maven mocked their ineptitude leading into the HudCo Democratic Chair vote next month, “They (Fulop & Bhalla) don’t know what they’re doing. There’s no adult in the room and (Amy) DeGise is working hard. She’s almost positioned for a victory.”

Of the predicament that places Ravi Bhalla and Hoboken, they added, “Ravi is another Hudson County transactional politician in a …”

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Related: Another report following MSV today quotes NJ Governor Phil Murphy saying he will not back Brian Stack for HudCo Democratic Chair. He’s staying out of the HudCo civil war.

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