BREAKING: Street money king and queen: Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti

The new fourth ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti’s NJ ELEC report after the election is out and it’s a harsh statement on street money.  Before the election, MSV broke the story of “the anomaly,” – every single Occhipinti campaign worker requested a vote by mail ballot and 78 of 79 had returned their ballot and received a $40 payment minimum almost a full week before the election.

Now the worst fears about Occhipinti’s massive street money operation are revealed with page after page of $40 payments to residents of the back corner of the fourth ward in numbers exceeding anything in the history of fourth ward elections!
Councilwoman Beth Mason who tried to launch a vicious attack from her seat during the Attorney General resolution against MSV (we’ll get to that later) now will find her own ELEC violations surpassed in the massive operation revealed here.  The question: will Beth Mason’s funneling of over $13,000 in a quasi-legal and surely unethical distribution to Tim Occhipinti mere days before the election surface as the source of the massive street money operation to Tim Occhipinti’s “campaign workers?” 
Beth Mason’s massive unethical at a minimum $13,400 to Tim Occhipinti enters a new light with his ELEC released to the public.  A review by the Attorney General’s office will certainly finds this information interesting.
A reader doing a cursory review of Tim Occhipinti’s post election ELEC report notes:

73 pages of $40 votes= roughly 445 $40 votes on top of the 79 other $40=roughly  524 $40 votes.”

– The 79 is a reference to “The Anomaly,” in the earlier ELEC report as described by Occhipinti spokesman David Cruz.  (See articles at the top of the page.)

Related: Beth Mason’s ELEC violations are an open, confirmed matter as stated by NJ ELEC itself and reported on MSV (also the Jersey Journal and Hoboken Patch) in May.

Mason’s payments of multiple people against one check are documented and a matter of record.  She claimed after much shucking and jiving to the media a self-investigation would occur.  Since that statement to the Hudson Reporter, no explanation has come.

You won’t be seeing any of this on Hoboken411!  Instead Beth Mason’s Hoboken411 minion is now writing over there about plans for new character assassinations on citizens.  What a surprise, not.

Here’s the story in May the media reported on extensively.  It’s a HUGE problem that surfaced last night in MSV’s rebuttal to Beth Mason.  It’s now dwarfed by the all out power grab evident in massive monies put into Tim Occhipinti’s street money campaign.

Hoboken please welcome your new Street Money Champions: Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti.

Hoboken we now have “The Anomaly,” squared – make that ad infinitum.

Update: Another reader of Tim Occhipinti’s post election report notes:

Approx 95 pages of workers @ 6 workers a page: 570 workers + 78 from first elec = 648 workers (if all unique) for an election where he only won 1200 votes.


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