BREAKING: Sources say Beth Mason out in second ward; looks for soft landing to replace Hoboken Democratic Chair Jamie Cryan


The second ward council seat currently occupied by the vastly disliked Beth Mason is expected to be vacated by her as part of an Old Guard strategy to clear the decks for Hoboken ward elections this November.

An Old Guard deal to resolve the “second ward problem” of Beth Mason and her widespread current and past controversies would see her booted while handing her the chair of the Hoboken Democratic Party currently held by fourth ward resident Jamie Cryan.

Multiple independent sources stated yesterday Mason ejected from the second ward council seat paves the way for a replacement in BoE trustee Peter Biancamano expected to mount a strong run in November as several candidates in waiting eye respective runs.

Paving the way? BoE trustee Peter Biancamano (l) (with Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano) is widely said to be the winning recipient of an Old Guard deal seeing Councilwoman Beth Mason vacate the second ward council seat for his run in the Hoboken November ward races. Execution of that strategy would see Beth Mason handed the seat of Hoboken Democratic Chair Jamie Cryan after the June Democratic committee races. Cryan rejected the chatter as “irrelevant people trying to be relevant.”

Current Hoboken Democratic Chair Jamie Cryan admitted hearing the disquieting political chatter with his seat being leveraged. In a phone conversation last night, he rejected the notion of Beth Mason assuming his role as Chair retorting he was “not worried” further dousing water on any plan concluding it was nothing more than “People that are irrelevant trying to be relevant.”

Others however were less sanguine about the prospect saying the upcoming Hoboken Democratic committee elections in June would hand the Russo family the committee votes to select a new chair by those elected members shortly thereafter.

Old Guard sources point to a recent meeting where a plan to clear the way in the second ward as part of an overall citywide strategy for November ward elections with an eye to the 2017 mayoral race.

A key player addressing the political winds yesterday said matter of fact in another phone interview, “There’s talk that Councilwoman Mason will become the next (Hoboken) Dem Chair. It’s too early to say before the (Democratic committee) elections.”

The early June Hoboken Democratic Committee elections however are a moot point with only three of the races contested citywide. The outcome is already certain and the Russo family which has held a strong influence historically will assume complete control when its selections gain a majority against flailing Reform opposition. After the June election, they can call the shots on the vote for Hoboken Democratic Chair held shortly thereafter.

Councilwoman Beth Mason is expected to be bounced out of
the second ward council seat as part of an Old Guard plan
to pave the way for citywide ward races this November.
She’ll be awarded the chair of Hoboken’s Democratic Party
clearing the way for BoE Trustee Peter Biancamano’s expected run.

One second hand Old Hoboken observer of Beth Mason’s predicament looked at her situation astutely saying to a colleague, “How would she run with those emails out?” The email reference pointing to the fallout on MSV and Grafix Avenger publishing emails since February with the discovery submitted to Hudson Superior Court in the Bajardi v Pincus litigation.

By early June, much of the political posturing will be over and Hoboken will see additional insights to what’s what in the second ward and possibly other upcoming races across the city with Reform’s slim 5-4 majority at stake in November.

More to come. 

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