BREAKING NON-NEWS: Beth Mason officially admits – no run for NJ Senate


In something of a laugh-a-rama torture test, Beth Mason has come out from behind her political operation planted Thursday on and admitted she isn’t going to be a candidate to replace the late Senator Lautenberg after all.

Rather than say that, here’s her stilted language as quoted on

“Over the past several days several Democratic leaders and Democratic strategists reached out to me to encourage me to consider running for United States Senate.”

What this means to those of you in the real world is Beth Mason and her political operatives called every person the Mason family has given money to and demanded they give her support to run for US Senate.

And what they said is one of two things: “No!” and “Are you nuts?”

Candidates need to collect 1,000 signatures by Monday afternoon.  Unless Mason doubled up with the quiet Old Guard team looking to collect signatures in the second ward for her recall, there’s not much likelihood she could get it done.

Her best chance to get signatures would come out of the Hoboken Housing Authority where they usually sign for politicians on vote-by-mail ballots for $40 a pop but none of that matters now.

This is hardly a defeat for Beth Mason because no one took it seriously.  A much bigger defeat is seen here when the hospital was saved from her attempts to kill it and bankrupt the City of Hoboken.  Look at the tape and watch Beth Mason’s reaction when the audience bursts out in spontaneous applause for Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s efforts when the sale was finally completed.

Skip to the 2:30 mark and watch Beth Mason’s reaction as she sits on her hands as the audience explodes into cheers.


Talking Ed Note: Other than the laughable noise generated in the last day on this, the only important aspect is to keep the Feds motivated.  Beth Mason really stuck it in the eye of the Boys of Summer.  Don’t forget that lads.

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