BREAKING: Nicola Maganuco for Fifth Ward City Council?


A voice emerges in the Hoboken summer “announcing” intent to add a choice in the Hoboken fifth ward council election this November?

No conversation with this potential candidate to date but this tweet by #HobokenCommuter urges residents that the Mile Square City needs “an advocate for improved quality on public transportation.”

They may have a point. The tweet with currently hundreds of Hoboken followers adds:

Vote for Nicola Maganuco for Hoboken City Council 5th Ward.

Talking Ed Note: Did Hoboken’s council race in the fifth ward just get hotter? Peter Cunningham needs to have a chat with one Nicola Maganuco. Whatever Mr. Maganuco does, he should avoid any communication (typically via text harassment) with Ravi Bhalla’s paid political operative at all cost. He will be savaged and lied about at the Cave if a candidate soon enough.

Well Hoboken, one thing we can be sure about. This news will keep the political operatives in the mayor’s office busy doing work today: just not for the people of Hoboken. It’s what FacePunchers do!

Related: Hudson County View followed the exclusive today and confirms Nick Maganuco will vie for the fifth ward council seat this November:

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