In a shocking end of meeting announcement, a tearful Councilwoman Carol Marsh informed her colleagues and the City of Hoboken she could no longer continue her duties due to overwhelming personal family matters.

A longstanding member of the loose coalition known as Reform, Marsh’s public service goes back more than a decade personally culminated with a run for mayor against incumbent Dave Roberts in 2005.  In a heavily moneyed race running as an underdog, Marsh ran a strong campaign against long odds.

She had served at that time as a council member in one of two unconnected terms.

In 2009, Marsh was the name brand for Reform among then mayoral candidate Dawn Zimmer’s council slate.

Since 2009, Councilwoman Marsh has been a critical and important vote being one of the five reform oriented votes consistently willing to work with the mayor on critical legislation.

The resignation is effective October 3rd.

Talking Ed Note:  This resignation took MSV completely by surprise.  Last summer an unfortunate accident occurred in Councilwoman Marsh’s family.  MSV heard there were complications and demands as a result but had no idea it would impact the council as it did with her resignation.

MSV would like to thank Councilwoman Carol Marsh for all her years of service to Hoboken.  She’s been an extremely thoughtful and reserved legislator and brought the longest serving institutional memory to the council from the reform perspective.

Her contributions will be missed but her measured approach to thoughtful action will be long remembered.

Update: MSV will have more news on the meeting itself but for the moment the big story is Councilwoman Carol Marsh.  MSV admired her knowledge of land use and depth on any number of subjects and how she applied it to a consistent application of law.

That’s a foreign concept to many in this town and it’s not something that should be undervalued.  An outstanding consistency in applying and following the law is one of the most important elements in serving on a legislative body.

Carol Marsh brought that to the table at every meeting.  In spades.

In other news, many may not know that Councilman Michael Russo was noticeably absent last night.  While politico Perry Belfiore arrived on the scene to offer his unique bellicose exchange with the council, he said not a word about Michael Russo and the Russo for Hoboken – FBI – Dwek problem.

The empty seat (left) of Michael Russo at last night’s City Council last night.
Superb timing with the news of an investigation into his

Russo for Hoboken 2009 campaign account.

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