Breaking: Councilman Mike DeFusco raises near $90,000 in first quarter

The big barnstorming event last night for Mayor Zimmer is not all the news that’s fit to print in the Mile Square City today.

There’s word confirmed from the Team DeFusco camp his first quarter campaign report filed with NJ-ELEC and it’s a bonanza of riches almost certain to raise eyebrows.

The reported Team DeFusco net for the first quarter is in the vicinity of $90,000.

A source close to DeFusco confirmed the campaign proceeds approaches $90,000!

How to net $90,000 in the first quarter of 2017?
Be Mike DeFusco and have a bounty of a quarter in fund raising.

The benchmark haul is sure to generate lots of attention, surprise and some heated phone lines in and outside the Mile Square City. If the figure turns out to be in the ballpark of $90,000 assumptions will be made concluding a race for the Hoboken November mayoral and three at-large seats is most definitely on.

The ballpark 90K figure is most likely significantly higher than what Mayor Dawn Zimmer has on hand not counting proceeds from last night’s fundraiser. Add last night’s tally and at best you’re likely to have an on par cash situation for each of the respective if unannounced campaigns.

NJ ELEC will publish online the campaign reports for the first quarter shortly and all eyes will be looking to see if the reported figure is true.

In the meantime, everyone will be sitting back and chewing their cud while swapping stories around the water cooler.

Brace for impact. There could be a very serious mayoral race this fall after all.

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