Breaking: Mayor throws in the towel on bike lanes

Mayor Dawn Zimmer responding to public
reaction opted to pull back a plan for
protected bike lanes on Washington St.

Mayor Zimmer after making several awards for Black History Month to Hoboken residents made some impromptu remarks on bike lanes and the original plan as presented in resolution no. 1 for the Washington St. redesign.

Saying she wanted to offer her perspective, the mayor spoke to the audience saying “maybe Hoboken isn’t ready” for her Washington St. plan with protected bike lanes and she would “pull it back.” Her remarks were met with spontaneous applause from the spectators in attendance.

The mayor said she viewed safety as important in the Washington St. redesign and the council may have “other ideas.”

City Council President Jen Giattino followed with an introduction of the consulting vendor T&M but said there was no council sponsors for the original resolution no. 1 but there are council sponsors for “an amended resolution.”

The vendor T&M is discussing the retention of the general Washington Street architecture with painted lines on the sides of the street for bike lanes. The designation of painted lines for bikes will allow the continued access of cyclists on Washington St.

A turning lane is being presented as an option on Washington Street as part of the final suggestions. Some uptown back-in angle parking is part of the plan on the table for a council vote tonight.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante made some brief remarks on back-in angled parking describing it a positive experience at the police station on lower Hudson St. saying it was safer after a learning curve.

Talking Ed Note: The City Council is contemplating painted bike lanes, called Class II with a resolution introduced by the Council President Jen Giattino.

Photo courtesy the Hudson County View

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