Breaking: Mason Money flushed Occhipinti coffers with more than $13,000!


Councilwoman Beth Mason and her husband Ricky made the maximum $2,600 contribution each to Tim Occhipinti’s “independent” run for the fourth ward council seat but that’s not the biggest surprise.

In addition to maxing out in their family contribution, Beth Mason used a loophole in the law to circulate monies from her established PAC (Political Action Committee) – Friends of Beth Mason for City Council in the amount of $8,200 bringing her total contribution to Tim “I’m independent” Occhipinti to $13,400!

Although New Jersey law allows such political action committees to make contributions exceeding the limits per individual of $2,600 such practices above and beyond in cynical applications as this one is frowned upon by good government advocates who do not look kindly on such contributions.

Mason Contributions to Tim Occhipinti

Similar shadowy practices by political action committees have made their impact in other Hoboken elections, most recently the Cammarano for Mayor campaign where real estate developers bundled monies through one to attack Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer in her spring 2009 mayoral run.

It will be interesting to see how reformer groups and individuals respond to this late massive cash infusion into the Tim Occhipinti campaign reported at the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission website.

The massive donation from Beth Mason dwarfs monies from other political insiders such as Mike Novak’s $1,500 and Councilman Mike Russo’s $500.

Got transparency?
Just days before the 4th ward special election, Beth Mason used her PAC to make a huge cash injection into Tim Occhipinti’s campaign, exceeding the maximum individual donations in the the names of her and her husband’s $2,600 each.  She used her PAC to circumvent the individual maximum to the tune of another $8,200.

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