Breaking: Judge refuses hearing on voter fraud, deems claim premature

In a potential huge victory for the vote by mail operation for Tim Occhipinti, Judge Gallipoli of the NJ Superior Court has ‘thrown out the case of voter fraud in its entirety,’ according to a source who heard from a witness at the court.

Expect the ‘campaign workers’ now to be paid in a jiff, hundreds of them who have all voted by mail in the 4-4.  There is no stopping the practice of paying hundreds of people to vote by mail.  Nothing at all. (Presently anyway.)

The Machine is alive and well in the Soprano State.
Long live corruption in New Jersey.

Update 4:00: Here’s an update from someone who has direct knowledge of the case, “Judge said application was premature, didn’t rule on merits.

An appeal process is anticipated and is currently underway.

Another report framed the key portion this way:

The matter has been referred to the superintendent of elections, but for now the ballots should not be disregarded, said Gallipoli.

On Saturday morning at 8 and 10 a.m. the Board of Elections will canvass the ballots, at which point the Lenz campaign can challenge individual votes.


A statement is anticipated in minutes from the Lenz for Council campaign.

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