Hoboken411 criminal coercion case set for tomorrow in Hoboken!


The case of Hoboken411 Perry Klaussen charged with criminal coercion against local businessman Rory Chadwick will be moved from Jersey City to Hoboken Municipal Court and the case will be heard tomorrow at City Hall at 9:00 am.

In addition to the current charges a source close to the case says Perry Klaussen has also been hit with an additional charge of slander. (The source later claimed the additional charge was a low carb joke.)

Many local businesses along with elected officials, city workers and residents have complained for years about the personal attacks made on them with lies of every variety under the sun by Hoboken’s largest website for misinformation.

Das Klaussen, the online king of sleaze in Hoboken has been supported by Councilwoman Beth Mason.  They have been seen dining together at various uptown eateries such as The Elysian Cafe and in 2009 she tried to have Hoboken411 designated an official website for City releases with presumably Hoboken paying for publishing.

Hoboken411 has been bitterly denunciating the mayor, her council allies, administration and supporters ever since that potential revenue stream was voted down at a July 1st council meeting in 2009.

In Klaussen’s defense, he can say he does not write all the lies about Hoboken officials, people and businesses.  He is known to have extensively relied on Beth Mason’s friend who is not paid for friendship for political content.  Klaussen himself is rarely seen at local Hoboken events and official meetings.  When he does make a rare appearance, he will arrive early taking photographs of those in attendance and leave early or even before the event has begun

Hoboken411 has been a focus of questions since the FBI arrested IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi last November.  Ricciardi confessed to hijacking the City of Hoboken’s confidential communications for at least a year and a half under the current mayor.  Ricciardi was very friendly with Perry Klaussen sending him photos believed published there.  As a cameraman for the City Council meetings, Ricciardi would have a computer tuned in next to his camera with Hoboken411’s live censored commentary.

Stories on a Hoboken police discrimination case, the municipal garage and the arrest of Ian Sacs (since thrown out) have found themselves oddly finding their way on the website and in rapid order.   Beth Mason has described it as a news site and been a prominent advertiser during local elections.

Persons of interest graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger originally created during Beth Mason’s brief tenure as Council President.

Talking Ed Note: Does Perry Klaussen show up in court tomorrow is one question?  The other is whether he will be represented by the Office of Elise Dinardo who is currently handling the harassment charges against Mason political operative Matt Calicchio.

That law office also handled the robbery charge against Lane Bajardi after his skirmish with Da Horsey at an April BoE forum.

Mason has not made public comment on any of this but if she wishes to do so, we’re all big floppy horsey ears.



According to an official at the Central Judicial Processing Court in Jersey City,  Perry Klaussen the editor of Hoboken411 was arrested on March 8th on a charge of criminal coercion.

The Hoboken Police Department made the arrest and transferred Klaussen to the Jersey City court.  The case has been referred to a grand jury but as of the time of this story, there is no criminal prosecutor assigned to the case.

It’s anticipated the case will be reviewed and heard in approximately five months.

The arrest of Perry Klaussen confirms the story exclusively reported on MSV back on March 6th.

This exclusive story is BREAKING…

The law caught up to Perry Klaussen on March 8th
after a Jersey City judge issued a warrant for his arrest on the 6th.

Talking Ed Note: Word on the street is Perry Klaussen has been busy stalking Peter Cunningham’s wife on 14th street as she helped her father going to a doctor’s visit.

Hoboken411 managed to keep a lid on the story with the cooperation of local media who have had no interest in asking a question on the latest doings of Hoboken’s online king of sleaze.  Their reward is they get to eat Da Horsey’s dust, again.

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