BREAKING: Hoboken give a warm welcome to the US Department of Justice

Although the FBI has visited this website more times than publicly admitted, there’s been no acknowledgement of the frequency and focus when the Feds show up.  Da Horsey is now willing to share a carrot and tell you in 2013 it’s more than you think.

Earlier today commenters broke out into a vigorous debate on the meaning of the FBI visits to horseyland.  While MSV declined to comment on anything but the fact of the high profile visits, commenters weighed the pros and cons of their arrival and the people mentioned in the visits.

Commenter Letsgetreal disputed the significance of the FBI visiting MSV in one comment saying:

When an FBI agent sits at their desk, and uses their computer at the office it will not show up as the CJIS, The CJIS is an information services, gathering division. I’m sure the feds in Newark read your site but lets differentiate the 2 for a moment. The boys in Newark are not in Arlington. And the list I posted is a link of many, some of the 10k or so words and phrases are on that list, not all of them. Can you show me a screen shot of the FBI in Newark, NJ visiting your site? I doubt you can, since it is masked.
While it’s certainly true, the Boys of Summer nor the US Attorney’s Office in Newark have publicly made a cybervisit here, there is however a senior legal arm to them all who has minutes ago today!
Hoboken please give a warm welcome to the US Department of Justice!
Here’s the linked story from last September where a number of officials and political operatives got a mention:

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