HHA contract for services of Carmelo Garcia facing termination Monday
The Hoboken City Clerk’s Office released the following public notice for a special Hoboken Housing Authority meeting:

In accordance with the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Law, Chapter 231, of
the public laws of 1975 of the Laws of New Jersey, the Board of Commissioners of the Housing
Authority of the City of Hoboken announces that a Special Board Meeting has been scheduled
and will be held on Monday, August 4
th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, City Hall, 94
Washington Street, Hoboken, New Jersey, for the following purposes:

Call to order, Chairperson,

  1. Roll Call

  2. Election of Secretary pro tem

  3. Resolution concerning Letter of Need

  4. Resolution terminating the contract of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia

  5. Resolution appointing acting Executive Director

  6. Closed Session

  7. Resolutions from closed Session and other matters that properly come before the Chair

    and Board of Commissioners

The Authority will exercise its powers, duties, and functions of the Authority in normal
actions of the above at the meeting.

Dana Wefer
Chairperson of the Hoboken Housing Authority 

The controversial contractor of the HHA, Carmelo Garcia (l) will face the prospect of his services being terminated
when a special meeting of the HHA is held at City Hall on Monday @ 7:30.

Several days ago, Carmelo Garcia posted to twitter foretelling his attitude to the lengthy list of problems he faces accountability for under his watch at the HHA:

Shapeshifter? Carmelo Garcia posted the above twitter release
suggesting he can overcome the numerous problems unveiled
under his watch at the HHA by making this world his and taking action
to “shape it” adding his catch phrase repeated by Carmelitos at public meetings. 

Talking Ed Note: Of importance is obviously resolution number 4 “terminating the contract” of HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

Monday in City Council Chambers one can expect the last gasp of the vastly deficient performance of said contractor Carmelo Garcia to be put to a vote.

What noises are made by Garcia who saw a scathing list of audit findings by a third party firm among other numerous problems with his unilateral unauthorized procurement actions in the millions of dollars to vendors who in turn gave him thousands of dollars will be open to the public Monday night.

Expect lots of threats by Garcia and likely from his lawyer Louis Zayas attempting to intimidate and threaten personal “ethnic cleansing” of the HHA Board of Commissioners in numerous ways to stop the the voiding of one Carmelo Garcia’s contract.

Who among the Old Guard will be making one last Vision 20/20 hail mary other than Beth “I need those Applied Housing votes” Mason? Some in the Old Guard have been very quiet and one can only wonder who holds some of the generically named contracts in the HHA?

Many truths will come out in the wash if Monday sees justice prove out once and for all.

Related: The Hudson County View also published a story acknowledging the public notice stated here on the HHA special meeting set for Monday and noted Carmelo Garcia is not returning phone calls.

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