Breaking: Gristy Chewables on the Municipal Garage

There’s continued movement now on the Municipal Garage front with substantial progress making its way forward.  Although just earlier MSV indicated the Jersey City location had been dropped midweek, things are now looking better on another front.

That option not clear yet is apparently moving ahead and alleviates concern that Jersey City was a lost and best cause for a temporary garage location.  There is a plan and it is moving ahead.

The progress is sufficient enough that next week’s special City Council meeting has been cancelled!

This gristy chewable is breaaakkkking.

Talking Ed Note:  On another front Councilman Mike Lenz’s kickoff last night hosted by the Stuiver’s was a big success with 75 people reportedly attending.

The Hoboken Journal has all the coverage including the councilman’s speech.  It’s absolutely a must see for the political junkie.

On another front, nothing but gratitude to Kurt the Jolly Green Giant and the Hoboken community.  Thank you kindly for the support!


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