Initial analysis on the lawsuit against Carmelo Garcia

Carmelo Garcia, the contracted litigant against the agency he managed when he was summarily terminated in August 2014 received a calling card from the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Carmelo Garcia has been sued back.

The contrasting specificity of the HHA complaint is in sharp contrast to the litany of unsubstantiated charges Garcia has lobbed for years against the agency, Hoboken mayor, her husband Stan Grossbard, the HHA and each member who terminated his contract in a mob-like atmosphere in a special meeting hosted at City Hall.

Page after page of the complaint against Garcia reads like a Hoboken Soprano swan song. Allegation after specific allegation detailing misdeeds to the alternative universe he’s presnted of victimization.

The numbers paid out to numerous contractors don’t add up. Inflated would be a generous way of putting it and of courst almost $7,000 from those same illicitly contracted vendors landed up in the pocket of Carmelo Garcia.

That’s just on the surface. Worse, strings were obviously being pulled and the name of the HHA legal counsel, Charles Daglian pops up frequently. This is the same legal counsel the HHA Board lost faith in and refused to renew in a contract Carmelo Garcia attempted to shove down their throat at least a half-dozen times.

In addition, Carmelo Garcia lobs a RICO claim, outrageously stating there was a criminal conspiracy against him. He’d better be careful the vendors haven’t already given evidence of the little conspiracy against the US taxpayers to the Feds.

Or is that too late?

Talking Ed Note: There’s a moral to the story here. Know what you’re dealing with, be prepared, act swiftly and decisively against the megalomania.

As one legal beagle initially assessed, “What took them (the HHA) so long?

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