In a letter to Da Horsey, former CFO Michael Lenz demands a retraction from the accusation he was CFO when a million dollars in parking meter monies were looted from the City of Hoboken.

It has come to my attention that Councilman Michael Russo falsely claimed at last night’s meeting  that the theft of quarters from the parking utility occurred while I was CFO.  This is completely false.
The parking Utility was formed January 1, 2003.  According to the Hoboken Reporter on January 30, 2004 [article attached

Within a couple of weeks of its creation” [with my active involvement as interim CFO and full support] “the Parking Utility hired an independent professional parking consultant for several tasks, which included interviewing candidates for a permanent executive directorship, preparing for the privatization of the city’s garages, and conducting a full managerial review.
The former director of the Hoboken Parking Authority, JoAnne Serrano, stayed on as the process commenced. Serrano had worked her way up to the position over the years.
According to City Business Administrator Robert Drasheff, ads for the job lured approximately 25 resumes. At the time, he said, he was looking for candidate who was a good manager of finances and who knows how to run a parking agency.
The consultant narrowed the list down to four finalists and conducted interviews “about 11 months ago,” according to Drasheff.
Serrano was one of the four finalists at that time. Corea had not submitted a resume.
Then months passed without anyone being hired.”
 During those first months I continued to advocate for completing the search process and hiring a capable director.  Midway through those months I was fired,  Only after that happened was John Corea hired.
It was a long time ago, and Councilman Russo may have made his defamatory charge in error, but as the below article makes clear, John Corea was “recently” hired just before this article was printed, on January 30, 2004.  I had been wrongfully fired in May 2003 — eight months prior.  Councilman Russo’s charge is totally false.
Accordingly I request a full retraction in reply to this e-mail, and publicly at the next council meeting.  Failing that, I request that Council President Bhalla place this communication on the agenda, and personally read it into the record.
Michael Lenz
Hoboken CFO George Destefano (c) enjoys the celebration
outside last year’s Democratic Committee at Room 84

Talking Ed Note: Grafix Avenger has covered the cover-up and notes the truth on who was the CFO when Council members Russo and Castellano claimed the missing million had been “cleared up.”
It was Michael Russo’s uncle, George Destefano.

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