By his own hand, Carmelo Garcia relinquished his infamous Rat Tapes exposed last summer.  They appear in a short blurb on the Jersey Journal.

The timing of course is equally as interesting as what the actually tapes contain.  Carmelo Garcia made this tape in January 2013 and it’s more than a year later.

Politics? In Hoboken? I’m shocked, shocked Senator Stack!

Carmelo Garcia inadvertently saw the secret tape recording of the mayor’s husband and former State Senator Bernard Kenny taken out his sole possession when attorney Louis Zayas of “ethnic cleansing” notoriety screwed up reading from a transcript of it in the Angel Alicea case.

The result was being forced by rules of court evidence to turn them over.

Leaks of the transcripts were published on Grafix Avenger primarily and on MSV as the drip, drip, drip of the tapes added to the utter embarrassment of Garcia including him talking to himself with the tape recorder running in the toilet.

Garcia thanked God for working with him to try and set up others on the tape while ejecting some other unseemly material into the wash.

Talking Ed Note: When the details of Garcia’s transcript began to get out, the “ethnic cleansing” lawsuit was released and has since been thrown out of court.  An amended version has been resubmitted in the same unique Carmelo Garcia style of maximum whining of victimization with no evidence of damages.

Hat tip to the Jersey Journal: Now show us the follow up on why this matters and why now.
The only person doing any misdeeds on this tape is Carmelo Garcia.

Perhaps the US Attorney’s Office will be interested in a federal employee attempting to trade on a federal contract.

Update: Gov. Chris Christie’s childhood friend and former head of the Port Authority has given him up on BridgeGate according to a NY Times story, making any distraction with this story a moot point.

Carmelo Garcia has exposed himself on this tape in the end for nothing but further amusement and embarrassment.  Not to worry, he’ll continue to say the opposite of what is said on the tape anyway.

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