Breaking: Buyer Beware – Shiny Penny Mike DeFusco Poll is out

MSV is exclusively reporting a new telephone poll is out and unlike the previous one last weekend called “straight-up” and “professional,” this one is loaded looking for bear against all its main rivals.
There’s push poll negative questions directed toward each of three candidates in the poll aiming at Freeholder Stick Romano, Councilman Ravi Bhalla and City Council President Jen Giattino. Residents reporting the polls to MSV similarly conclude the poll is being sponsored by Councilman Mike DeFusco, aka the Shiny Penny. 
Mike DeFusco

DeFusco touts his youthful candidacy based on the shiny penny principle. Have observers distracted by a shiny object and not focus on his lack of experience, trustworthiness and substance of a council record. Similarly, the telephone polls offers some tells on the DeFusco Shiny Penny principle in action.

The poll reportedly taken by ABG Research is already encountering problems. Apparently, Hoboken households are tired of being repeatedly polled since July and are not being cooperative.

Among the pro-DeFusco elements is a mix of facts favorable to his candidacy and some less than factual attacks against his main rivals. On Freeholder Romano, the poll notes accurately he’s running for two offices then says “he’s gaming the system with a six-figure pension and a lot of real estate income, yet he continues to live in affordable housing.” Not altogether accurate but in the ballpark of accurate.

Of Councilman Ravi Bhalla, the Shiny Penny poll says he is “connected to a law firm, a partner that represents lots of entities such as Suez Water, NJ Transit adding there are serious concerns about his ethics and conflicts of interest.” On this front, it’s mostly accurate as Bhalla is conflicted currently on acting as a councilman on both Suez Water and NJ Transit according to most legal observers familiar with the details.

Then the biggest wild (and cheap) shot is taken against City Council President Jen Giattino saying of her part time work in local real estate it “spells trouble for Hoboken” then falsely claiming “she stands to benefit financially from the city.” Concern about a Giattino surge is evident with the gutter shot.

A number of test messages cite issues seeking to identify which areas the Shiny Penny Mike DeFusco should leverage on the Hoboken public. Among them the polls asks about interest in “vibrant restaurants,” “constant water main breaks,” “more parking and better parking technology” and “return Observer Highway to four lanes, three lanes out in the morning and three lanes in on during the pm rush hours.” Observer Highway is likely to be a staple of more than one mayoral and council candidate.

One notable test message surrounds development. The DeFusco Shiny Penny Poll asks about interest in “coffee bars, wineries, etc.” These happen to be some of the new shiny ideas DeFusco has tossed out earlier this year when he announced he would run for mayor.

Additional push poll ideas are added but let the Hoboken buyer beware! The Shiny Penny Mike DeFusco is looking to lock down some avenues to push in the final 47 days to Election Day.

Talking Ed Note: Neither Mike DeFusco nor his campaign manager Ryan Yacco were contacted for this story. Neither has responded to requests for comment previously.

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