Brave New World as America mobilizes against pandemic

NJ cases increase, NY death toll drops and America’s war footing takes grip

New Jersey prepares for intensifying pandemic over the next two weeks as deaths reached 917 with more than 37,000 confirmed cases of the Chinese Communist Party coronavirus. Hoboken edged up to almost 200 confirmed cases late Sunday.

Statistically, the state is seeing the vast majority of cases, 80 to 85% fall into the mild or moderate non-life threatening category.


The US Military is running a global effort with cargo planes arriving and making deliveries of medical supplies unavailable inside the country. In a Sunday night briefing from the White House, the operation confirmed cargo planes are landing from around the globe.

Some of the realtime supplies distribution to states and hospitals noted:

  • 300 million gloves
  • 8 million masks
  • 600,000 N95 masks to New York City
  • 200,000 additional to Suffolk County
  • 500 ventilators to New Jersey
  • Hundreds more to Michigan, Illinois, and Louisiana
  • 29 million doses of hydroxychloroquine with distribution to pharmacies and hospitals

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Talking Ed Note: Hoboken is seeing a push by Mayor Ravi Bhalla to use non-medical masks and ordered store employees to wear them with customers being told to do so as well.

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