Bookends upended at Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble is going out of business leaving Hoboken with only Symposia a used bookstore when it closes March 31st.  The Jersey Journal has the complete story.

Andrew Tavani has an excellent piece up now too over at

On the right, we’ve added some noteworthy books, almost all are available in the kindle format for far less than the tree killing hardcopy versions.  Even if you don’t have a kindle device, you can read a book on your pc, and there’s a free kindle application available for the iPhone.  Amazon is rolling out an application so Mac users can read books on their platform although we’re not sure when it’s expected.  The cool thing about the digital downloads is you can get samples of books before you buy often the first chapter or two.  It’s a compelling mechanism leading to a purchase, often in the $10 range or less.  “Left Illusions: An Intellectual Odyssey” by David Horowitz is available for under five dollars as an example versus thirteen bucks in paperback.  And you don’t have to pay or wait for shipping.

Of course many people have heard about Apple’s newest release: the iPad.  It’s going to move more books via the digital download domain among other things.

The departure of Barnes & Noble is a loss for Hoboken but it’s not as bad with the digital alternatives in place and more alternatives looming larger in the near future.

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