BoE Trustee Monica Stromwall announces emotional resignation

At the August Board of Education meeting last night, BoE trustee Monica Stromwall issued her resignation in an emotional delivery of prepared remarks.

Indicating her departure after three years is due to a family move to Connecticut, Stromwall urged her fellow trustees to continue to work to improve the school district and do what’s best for the children.

“I have been part of a wonderful transformation of the school district” and “as a parent of two children,” saluted the program changes implemented in recent years she said in her remarks.

She also thanks the unions who she worked with in recent contract negotiations and her colleagues, the superintendent Dr. Johnson, parents and voters.

Scroll ahead for Stromwall’s complete comments beginning after the 45 minute mark. Remarks from others on the surprising resignation follow hers.

Talking Ed Note: The eight remaining BoE trustees will have the option of making an interim appointment and most expect they will.

One name expected to be in the mix is second time Reach Higher candidate Sheillah Dallara.

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