BoE school district suing HoLa charter school on legal “technicality”

Earlier this month, the Hoboken BoE district filed a lawsuit against the two grade expansion of HoLA, the downtown Spanish immersion charter school.

The cold war between the BoE school district and Hoboken charter schools has gone red hot since the announcement last month dozens of layoffs were likely with a tax increase in its preliminary budget. There’s no financial figures attached to that announcement and no additional details are available on the district website.

A legal complaint filed earlier this month challenges the charter school’s expansion according to a Jersey Journal story filed the end of last week.

According to the story, the lawsuit is based on a technicality looking to reverse the approval of a state approved expansion for the seventh and eighth grades at HoLa. The sixth grade was approved previously and is slated to open next year. The two higher grades are scheduled to follow the year after.

From the Jersey Journal:

The story states the BoE district complains its bearing the weight of more minority students versus HoLa, what’s been described as “the segregation affect” saying:

“The percentage of minority students at the bilingual school has been consistently about half that of the district’s for the past three years, the district states in its lawsuit.”

The co-founder of HoLa called the lawsuit on the charter school an “attack” and “outrageous” while the BoE school district declined to comment. The story does add a comment via email from Hoboken Superintendent Mark Toback the lawsuit “is not an attack on HoLA Charter School or charter schools in general.”

HoLa parents appeared at a BoE meeting to speak on behalf of that’s school’s
expansion. Now it’s part of a legal battle opposed by the BoE earlier this month.

Talking Ed Note: It’s not clear how this legal technicality will aid the BoE school district. The State has ample time to address the approval process with the added seventh and eight grades more than a year off.

The immediate result means the softening cold war between the BoE school district and HoLa goes red hot. Again.

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