BoE Forum candidate clips

MSV attended the BoE forum last week and was disappointed to discover there would be no video available of the event to the public.  Not prepared for such a situation, Da Horsey galloped down and made several clips to compliment the effort of our bigger brother at The Hoboken Journal.

As policy, the public is presented the the clips of the candidates unfiltered, unedited and with no editorial so you may consider the views of the candidates yourself.

The first clip features from left: Cliff Godfrey (Kids First), BoE commissioner Carmelo Garcia, and Jean Marie Mitchell (Kids First).

Additional clips of the BoE Forum at the jump:

Hoboken Board of Ed candidates Frances Rhodes-Kearns, Peter Biancamano, and Steven Feinstein (Kids First)

The rumored Frank Raia slate of Carmelo Garcia, Frances Rhodes-Kearns and Peter Biancamano is official with a weekend advertisement for the slate on page two of this weekend’s Hudson Reporter.

BoE candidate Patricia Waiters arrived late and is not seen on these limited clips.

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