BoE elections in November saved after MORTe plan foiled


Tonight’s regular City Council appeared normal on the surface going in, well about as normal based on the agenda might appear.  But MORTe had other ideas.  Knowing the Reform majority council would be short at tonight’s meeting, MORTe sprang into action with a resolution prepared to force the BoE to hold a November referendum instead of allowing that body to determine its own fate and vote on whether to have elections later this year.

The BoE election option passed last month and signed into law by Governor Chris Christie gives the option to either governing body – the City Council or the Board of Ed itself.  One option in the legislation included holding a referendum.

Before the meeting, a fortuitous error by MORTe allowed the cat out of the bag.  An emergency resolution was all prepared to hijack the will of the Hoboken BoE where a vote is likely to take place on February 14th as exclusively reported here on MSV moving their election to November later this year.

The New Jersey law permits either governing body, the City Council or the Board of Education to vote which option they prefer – and the first vote PREVAILS and is BINDING.

MORTe and the Old Guard has been adamant to stop November elections at all costs where larger turnouts will hurt their prospects to control city government, the Hoboken BoE and their respective budgets running in the tens of millions.

It’s unclear what other plans MORTe (beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry Castellano) planned beyond snatching the BoE’s election right from under their nose.

UPDATE: 10:10 pm 

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

Friends, Family and Neighbors,

Never a dull moment on the dais at Hoboken City Council.  First we
were informed that “snookie” followers were going to protest the
City’s recent decision to deny their spin off program a filming permit
to film where ever, whenever they wanted.  But what was to ensue was a
hijack of the meeting by Occipinti, Castellano, Mason and Russo.  They
knew we were going to have a couple of council members absent, and
planned to take advantage of the situation.

The issue?  Taking action on a school board issue with no notice to
the public and three of my colleagues absent.

As many of you know, the State Legislature authorized NJ School Boards
the option to move their elections from April to November.  Please
visit this site of the NJ School Board Assoc.

In MSV comments, Councilman David Mello noted the reason for his absence:
For the record, this is the second meeting (of any kind; special, budget, etc.) that I have ever missed. I have a viral infection, and a newborn at home that has already been coughing. I’m NOT going to get my newborn sick. She is only six weeks old. 

On a positive note, I saw a great new doctor at our hospital’s clinic today. So glad the hospital was saved, and doctors like him are still practicing in our city. Wonderful level of service and inquiry into my medical history and current symptoms. 

As for tonight, it’s a sad occurrence when Council members let gamesmanship, rather than just and democratic stewardship, guide their decision making processes as legislators. 

Now, I’m off to bed. 

– Councilman Mello 

MSV has another related exclusive coming… stay tuned

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