BoE Candidates Forum

Last night Stevens hosted the BoE Candidates forum.  Here are some shots of the participants.  Viewing of the event in its entirety should be available by middle of the week on Channel 77 or 78.

On the first panel from left, Jean Marie Mitchell, Irene Sobolov and Kathleen Tucker were relaxed before the event commenced.

Also on the first panel, Kylie Colon, John Forsman and Ken Howitt

On the second panel from left, Liz Markevitch, Rose Marie Markle and Patricia Waiters prepare to get underway after the break

Also on the second panel from left, Leon Gold, Perry Lin and John Madigan take their places before the second half of the forum

Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrived to catch the proceedings.  
Hoboken resident Bob Bowdon moderated the discussion and took questions submitted by the audience.  His movie “The Cartel” on education is about to go national and is appearing in Hoboken for two showings April 21st at the Clearview Cinema.
(The link to the movie is on the upper right of the page.)
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