Board of Elections to hear VBM challenges – on election day!

The review today with the Board of Elections turned out to be anti-climatic when no challenges were made surrounding ‘The Anomaly’ of Tim Occhipinti’s initial 79 vote by mail ballots.  The decision made by the Lenz campaign allows further time for gathering and building its case of organized voter fraud to be heard election day.

The process to present the evidence of ballot by ballot fraud will be put before a Board of Elections panel of four people, two Democrats and two Republicans.  A tie vote is required to move the matter along before a judge, a decision of 4-0 or 3-1 opposing ends the matter.

Those results will determine if the next step presenting evidence of voter fraud for Judge Gallipoli’s evaluation occurs.  A case may then be presented showing sufficient evidence “on the merits” warranting vote by mail ballots be set aside for additional review and investigation.  On Friday, the judge indicated it was premature as there was insufficient evidence and another avenue for review available via the board of elections.

Start up the carousel on election day, but know nothing happens without the Hudson County Board of Elections agreeing.  

Talking Ed Note: Representing the Occhipinti campaign today on possible challenges was counsel Michael Goldberg and Michelle Russo.

An additional anomaly has arisen: Frank Raia who stated in an interview earlier this week he had no role “knocking on one door,” in the vote by mail Occhipinti campaign is listed as a bearer on a number of ballots.  A bearer is given permission to messenger ballots but can not handle more than ten.  Raia’s name is believed to already appear on at least five.

Most of the vote by mail ballots have been returned in the mail but a number of “bearers” people who have played a role handling them from voters before arriving to the Hudson County Board of Elections also appear.  And there’s problems.

Amy Sara Clark at the Jersey Journal posted her story.  She quotes Lenz campaign manager Sam Briggs on more of Tim’s anomalies.  “The Occhipinti side submitted more than a dozen votes from people “who are dead” and those that have moved away,” he’s reported saying.

More to come on Election Day.

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