That NJ Transit Thingy

There’s a lot of heavy breathing or perhaps hyperbole being expended on the latest musings on the NJ Transit project proposed in Hoboken’s backyard.  The sole sponsor in the NJ Senate, Paul Sarlo suggests in a press release (still unavailable on his website) he will amend the initial proposed plan for a monolithic 70 story beast and move forward.  We assume it’s to make it more enticing and palatable.

While awaiting confirmation as we have no reply yet from his office at post time, we decided why not take a bit of air out of this balloon and revisit where we were on this just last month.  What we’d like to know is should we believe Councilwoman Mason in the September 2nd City Council meeting or should we believe the press release yesterday crafted by Paul Swibinski and the communications team just yesterday?  The two are drastically incompatible.
Watch the video of remarks from the September 2nd City Council meeting on the NJ Transit resolution by both Councilwoman Mason and the Acting Mayor.  It’s a minute into the proceedings.  Look out, because here comes the big surprise.

We of course again invite the Mason campaign to comment.

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