The blind ironies of Tim Occhipinti

 Last night’s Council meeting was a land speed record for time, ending before the stroke of 9:30.  How you ask?  Well two reasons, first Beth Mason did not attend and Tim Occhipinti arrived late, the latter saving maybe 30 minutes as Occhipinti is known for insisting on asking every question he can come up with in that space of time on anything in the financial report.  This sadly due to his camera hunger and aversion to email.

The meeting was efficient like no other with passage of a number of ordinances the most prominent being changes to parking near corners after an extensive safety study on the State altered 25 foot corner law.  The Fire Department was involved in this safety review over months to ensure vehicles do not impede on their vehicle’s ability to turn.

It’s not a Hoboken City Council meeting however without some entertainment.  Earlier the slow talking, ponderous thinking occupant of the 4th ward council seat Tim Occhipinti generated publicity with a nice story in Hoboken Patch for requesting an “action plan” from the City directors on graffiti at the southern Jersey City entrance to Hoboken.

Was that an error?  Did you just say Jersey City horsey?  Yes, Jersey City, home of mayoral aspirant Steve Fulop who happens to work in the same company if not the same floor as Tim Occhipinti during the day and who other media sources call one of the most powerful people in all of Hudson County.

So why did Timmy not just go ask his colleague Councilman Steve Fulop of Jersey City to look into the matter of graffiti IN JERSEY CITY and ask him to fix it?

If you ask this logical question then you don’t know Tim Occhipinti.

Tim Occhipinti is informed that the property he’s complaining about with graffiti is owned by NJ Transit.  Occhipinti has a binding relationship with transit companies; Academy Bus another said to be his landlord in a possible sweetheart tenant deal.  At one NJ Transit meeting in Hoboken last year, Occhipinti ignored Hoboken residents entirely hovering near Transit head John Leo like a two year with his mommy throughout a public review.

None of this is found by Tim Occhipinti to be ironic in the slightest degree.  See the video for yourself if you can manage not to jump out of your skin at the ever so slow, monotone and plodding Occhipinti.  (This video is an abbreviated portion of his remarks.  That’s because Da Horsey shows mercy to its audience.)

Tim Occhipinti – slow, ponderous and devoid of the laughable ironies he delivers at every single meeting.  If every council member followed his example, you’d be hearing about every leaf removed from a grate on camera and the meetings would run until 2:00 am every time.  

Talking Ed Note: More Occhi-pintay notes: We’ll spare you the portion of Occhipinti at the end of the meeting “playing dumb” about the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  He claims he doesn’t know how the parade was cancelled and why.  Does he actually read, and no Hoboken411 another of his patrons (in service to Beth Mason) has promoted the first Saturday of March as a drinking event does not count.  Occhipinti is concerned that day may be challenging.  Is that right?

Well Tim, why don’t you talk to your pal Perry Klaussen and ask him to stop hating on Hoboken?  Hoboken411 was thanked in twitter by one of the biggest social media promoters of the mardi gras faux St. Patrick’s Day.

The end of this clip also features Occhipinti complaining Monroe St. could look cleaner and he inquires on a borrowed street sweeper from Secauscus?  Borrowed equipment what?  Yes, Hoboken has been so neglected on basic capital improvements, it has to rent a street sweeper.

Mayor Zimmer had been trying to bond for needed capital equipment over months and months.  Do you know who blocked that reasonable request for most of 2011?

Tim Occhipinti.

You can’t make up this kind of hypocrisy.

Related: Grafix Avenger performs a public service with an article detailing how to help Tim Occhipinti find the fourth ward.  She shows Hoboken411’s Perry Klaussen is a dummkopf for his mindless promotion of Tim to rid Jersey City of graffiti on NJ Transit property.

Correction: Hoboken has been fortunate to have a good neighbor and has not had to pay a rental fee for the recent use of a street sweeper from Seacaucus.  A reliable source indicates the recent usage was done as a courtesy.

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