Bitter Cave Dweller goes Hoboken411 and lies about challenger work

Nancy at Sybil’s Cave caught in latest whopper of a lie on a legitimate challenger – the Horse!  

Apparently, the lies fed to the public by that flaming asshole Nancy, head cave dweller  knows no bounds.

She put up a picture of an actual challenger, yours truly, who is recognized by the poll authorities and with challenger identification in the 3-1 and claims that voters are being harassed.

Nancy can you sink any lower? Maybe you can but it will be hard.
Nancy Pincus is a bitter “Loser” and a full-fledged liar.

Before you open your mouth and flap ridiculous made up lies, try to have a clue what you are doing before you are proven the absolute lying jerk you’ve been for months.

Challengers don’t harass voters as a practice and are allowed to be in the polling stations they are ASSIGNED! They are also allowed to go to the bathroom in the polling station and go outside for air when things take a lull.

Too bad for Nancy at Sybil’s Cave, she’s become a worse liar than the worst we’ve seen on Hoboken411.

Well, we have Nancy’s latest stupidity and certified lying making up bullshit out of the way.

Great work Nancy!  Do you ever tire of making shit up?
Wow, you suck really bad.

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