The Big Man may give it a go!

The speculation was waning, the opening for announcing a run for the Republican nomination looked closed, but then Gov. Christie made a speech at the Ronald Reagan library in California and had a chat with some influential people he admires after.

This according to a story by co-author of “The Jersey Sting,” Josh Margolin for the NY Post.

Coming off the back of an intervention in Hoboken to save the hospital, Governor Chris Christie may pull a few more votes in Hudson County if he makes a run.

What appeared to be over is now being discussed anew and according to Margolin’s sources, a decision may be reversed as a result.

Da Horsey is just giddy with the thought of this turnaround.

Governor Chris Christie may be rethinking throwing his hat into the ring for President after all.  His Rx for curtailing spending in New Jersey is exactly what’s required at the national level. 

At least one local cartoon celebrity would be happy to see Gov. Christie far away:

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