Big Construction Union backs Ravi Bhalla council slate, Michael Russo & Ruben Ramos

In a September 24th online announcement unknown to most Hoboken residents, the big construction union, Local 825, with its better known statewide Political Action Committee (PAC), Stronger Foundations, made its endorsements for Hoboken’s critical council elections in November.

Following major backing for Ravi Bhalla’s mayoral bid in 2017 with over $70,000 in underwriting is Local 825’s latest endorsements for Ravi Bhalla’s council slate: Migdalia Pagan-Milano, Nora DeBenedetto, Phil Cohen and Kristin Cricco Powell.

Say hello to your Stronger Foundations-Ravi Bhalla Big Development team!

In addition, the powerful construction union also endorsed Councilman Michael Russo who hammered away in support of the massive NJ Transit plan at the last council meeting and Ruben Ramos, who slides in as Bhalla candidate Lisa Sprengle is thrown under the bus with her token candidacy.

For NJ Assembly, Local 825 endorses Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro but her Assembly counterpart, Jersey City’s Raj Mukherji is not.

Back in January, featured this graphic of Hoboken City Hall with a Ravi Bhalla For Sale sign.
As the latest NJ Transit plan has been kept under wraps right before Hoboken’s critical November council elections,
the big development masks are off. Copyright 2019, Stanislaw Nesferatu not included.

The Stronger Foundations PAC returns for the 2019 council elections backing Ravi Bhalla and his council slate in the biggest downtown redevelopment in Hoboken featuring the tallest building in Hoboken history, a 28 story residential tower. It’s one of two they’re likely to immediately begin constructing with any council approval.

In 2014, former mayor Dawn Zimmer stalled NJ Transit and its desires for a three-million square feet plan. She reduced it to two-million in negotiations and insisted commercial development must come first. Those demands are out the window as the future growth from the 1.4 million square foot redevelopment enters as a starter kit.

The redesigned NJ Transit plan was scaled back due to restrictions that grew out of the Rebuild by Design plan to aid in protecting Hoboken from flooding. Those limitations, however, are not permanent in the language of the NJ Transit plan forwarded by Ravi Bhalla.

There was no Nixle alert this time as Ravi Bhalla kept the big construction union endorsement for almost all of his council slate on the down-low, just as he did for the vote put up before the City Council last week.

The more you know…

Talking Ed Note: Back in January, featured its exclusive feature announcing “The State of the City: Corrupt.

This website gave fair warning this year, in 2018 and the prior year in the 2017 Hoboken mayoral election, one of the dirtiest in living memory. For Hoboken, that’s saying a lot.

While the Reform Resistance for good government lives, the true test will be if Hoboken will mobilize to stand up for itself before next Wednesday’s City Council meeting where a likely vote will be held on Ravi Bhalla’s Big Construction NJ Transit Deal.

As stated in the endorsement, yes votes are looming and are likely expected from Councilman Michael Russo, Ruben Ramos, Mike DeFusco and Vanessa Falco.

That puts Ravi Bhalla’s at-large 2017 slate winners: Councilman Jim Doyle and Councilwoman Emily Jabbour front and center.

And that puts the most massive Hoboken redevelopment one mere vote shy of approval with not a single economic, traffic or shadow study to date as noted yesterday by Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

Who needs any impact evaluation, politicians got to get paid!

Told ya.

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