Beware the Ides of …. July

Shakespeare got a lot right when it comes to human nature and of course that’s an understatement.  It’s July and the ides are not March but just as fitting.

In July 2009, Peter Cammarano thought he was on top of the world.  A compliant local media crowned him the kingmaker of Hoboken, Governor Jon Corzine feted him in a celebratory 4th of July party at his million dollar digs on the river and eyes cockily looked beyond Hoboken to Trenton, and Washington.

Unlike Shakespeare’s meticulous labor, Hoboken barely took pause.  Out with the old Old Guard failure and in with the new Old Guard.  The hubris cranked up and the line formed quickly with the fourth ward quickly taking the place of City Hall’s mayor seat like dominoes.

Next spring Hoboken is due to hold elections for mayor and three at-large council seats.  That’s a lifetime ahead in the distance.

Before that happens, this town will revisit its recent past and discover the price for Hoboken hauteur.

Everybody duck.

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