Beth Mason’s latest Civic League “charity” scam imploding

Last Sunday, MSV began work on a story to reveal the latest Mason Civic League scandal dwarfing others on these pages previous. The feature investigation was set to overwhelmingly demonstrate the dirty lengths Beth Mason would go in self-promotion as she unveiled a competing county “charity” against the City of Hoboken’s

The troubles for Beth Mason and the nefarious actions of her latest “charity” are spilling across Hudson County like a storm surge of sludge.  Under the umbrella of the newly named organization, Hudson County recovers, the website promoted on page three of the Hudson Reporter by the Mason family is setting its sight on the political positions of Hudson County Executive and/or US Congress.  Those positions are currently held by Tom DeGise and Albio Sires respectively.

Questions on the latest Beth Mason self-promtion effort surround a featured “charity” on her Hudson County website, the 527 group, Weehawken and You Civic Association.

With Beth Mason looking outside of Hoboken for a political lifeline and Mayor Richard Turner already in hot water with NJ ELEC into six figures of possible fines, the Weehawken mayor may not appreciate the negative attention being welded to the latest “charity” incarnation of Beth Mason.

Grafix Avenger notes Mayor Turner like Hoboken’s Jubilee Center may not even know the political group is being used in the Mason scam without his knowledge or consent.

Assaults are not enough.  James Barracato returns post assaults from the Mason “civic” political section to get photos 
while his sponsor and fellow Mason Civic League board member Beth Mason cowers to escape a photo with FinBoy. 

MSV will be back with more on this story after the holiday.

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