Beth Mason’s lament

The Thanksgiving holiday is winding down but Hoboken can be grateful for the artistry of Hoboken resident Greg Bond who has put the lamentations of Beth Mason’s sole ambition to video and song.

Hear Beth Mason cry for the chair she most wants in Hoboken.  She’s consorted and gone into bed with corrupt politicians, tried to empty the City’s coffers so it can’t afford a kleenex if it catches a cold, spent tens of thousands to buy herself the council presidency via the 4th ward seat, and last but not least used every dirty trick in the book to sabotage the sale of the hospital all in the hope to pin the resulting fallout on Mayor Zimmer.

She’s failed miserably by any objective but when you have access to untold millions courtesy of her husband’s bankruptcy law practice, there’s always a chance you can robocall enough folks, pump out sufficient false information on cable stations across the mile square and enjoy some of the local media eating out of your hand writing your political operative’s screeds verbatim to have hope.

Now just what to do about those blasted Feds?

Here’s the soon to be cult classic, courtesy of Greg Bond:

Last, here’s Greg Bond’s historical companion piece on Beth Mason and her spiraling history:

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