Beth Mason’s challenge

Second Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason made a public call for financial documents from the Hoboken University Medical Center late this afternoon in a video production posted at Hoboken Now.  We’re not sure which ones she’s looking for but there’s been an ongoing request.  Most recently MSV attended a meeting in late 2009 and the hospital indicated it would cost $3,000 for duplication but they would be made available.  It’s unclear if it’s related to this request.  One thing Da Horsey does know, it’s not the mayor controlling the financial records of the hospital.

Talking Ed Note: Full disclosure MSV has a specific outstanding request for financial documentation from the Hospital Board and agreed on timing for its production.  We will be following up and make this information available to all interested parties including the Councilwoman.

Here’s Councilwoman Mason’s request in her video announcement:

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