Beth Mason – ‘You like me, you really like me! Don’t you?’

In a clear and obvious divorce from reality, Beth Mason had a full page ad  on the back page of her newspaper this weekend.  It is hers isn’t it?

The usual pile of misinformation and fabrications were of course included, hey it’s a Beth Mason advertisement after all and she wanted you to know she’s behind the Mason One Hoboken Team just like in the spring of 2009.

Well Da Horsey wants to make sure you know too.

Beth Mason wants you to support her Mason One Hoboken Team. The candidates are less important of course
so they are on the bottom and Beth is on the top.  Da Horsey fixed it.

It’s unclear what paid political consultant told Beth Mason she’s an advantage to a campaign in Hoboken – any campaign.  In the last Old Guard funded poll, all of their top names were trotted out to see who among them was least offensive to the Hoboken electorate.  Beth Mason’s favorable-unfavorable numbers were completely upside down.

Beth Mason’s unfavorable numbers came in at a whopping 40% based on that recent poll with only 20% polled saying favorable. (Yes, Beth we knew and now it’s time everyone else knows.)
See paying people to like you really works!

As of last week, the Mason family officially dropped $20,000 to advance their puppetry in Timmy Occhipinti but no one will really know the damage until after the election – and most likely not even then.  Raia has loaned the campaign $150,000 so we’re already looking at a blown cool quarter million.

Beth Mason has been known to flout the law on campaign reporting true expenditures on a regular basis. No one has ever seen numerous political operatives, operations, print and TV ads and her main vile online spreader of defamation to all of Hoboken by the fascist website Hoboken411 appear on ANY of her ELEC reports (or campaigns she’s sponsored).

The victims of the defamation never get a chance to defend themselves, let alone get a word in on the character assassination against them. Beth Mason likes it that way.

You don’t say.

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