Beth Mason: Yes, that $20 million surplus

Last week Beth Mason issued an email blast claiming a $20 million surplus and demanding it be returned to the taxpayers of Hoboken.  Today she sent out an update:

 Dear Friend,

 Last week I called on Mayor Zimmer to allocate a portion of Hoboken’s $20 million budget surplus to provide you with immediate property tax relief.  In response, Hoboken’s Business Administrator Arch Liston stated that there will be no real tax relief in the upcoming budget and that using any portion of this money for property tax relief would be irresponsible.  

Perhaps Mayor Zimmer and her administration should revisit her campaign promise to cut taxes 25% in their first year alone, and realize it is they who are being totally irresponsible.  If Mayor Zimmer cannot provide property tax relief with a $20 million budget surplus, when will City Hall ever do it?  

Please make your voice heard as we continue to work together to make Hoboken a better and more affordable place to live and raise a family.  I look forward to updating you on this matter soon. In the mean time, please do not hesitate to contact me at (201)-916-8244 or

Thank you for your time.

Talking Ed Note: Apparently you didn’t get the message last week.  Some of you were on vacation and too many of you were not paying attention.  Councilwoman Beth Mason is doubling down talking about the “$20 million surplus” again and now stating it’s Business Administrator Arch Liston’s fault there will be “no real tax relief” in the upcoming budget, and any tax relief is “irresponsible.”

Somehow I’m going to guess this won’t go down well with Mr. Liston, as in another untruth has just been told.  

Perhaps some of you folks need to have a word with the Councilwoman.  Don’t forget to thank her on rejecting Hoboken Unleashed’s move last November to the northwest part of town too.


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